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Healthy Nuts

Healthy Nuts Pvt. Ltd.  has been working on to promote plant products rich in nutrients essential for living healthy, leading to overall wellness, under ‘SWASTH’ brand along with its sister and partner companies in India and USA.

SWASTH, a registered brand, stands for quality. Healthy Nuts believes that the first step to healthy living is intake of quality products. SWASTH brand products are 100% natural, grown and processed under expert supervision. Products are handled and packed hygienically.

The nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories. Feed him walnuts and he will crack open a tale…

– Vera Nazarian –

I am swasth

Swasth, we chose this name because it stands perfectly for what we aimed to achieve and promote with each of our products, the virtues of healthy living. At Swasth we believe that true healthy living starts with the assurance of having the finest and highest quality product on the market. Product that is so good it speaks for itself.

We import our products directly from partner orchards in California where they are grown under expert supervision allowing us to ensure traceability of food supply chain.

We take the food safety management guidelines to heart and ensure; that every step of the way we go above and beyond to follow our obsession with quality.

At Swasth we have a vision to provide products of the highest quality throughout the year.

For us quality is paramount.

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